My Equipment

This is very much still a work in progress and a lot of my equipment has either been made or modified from standard in some way.


Skywatcher 130P-DS Р130mm / 650MM f/5 imaging Newtonian.

This is relatively fast and short focal length scope which is used as my primary astrophotography scope.
Being a fast scope can allow for shorter imaging times when compared to some other scopes and the shorter focal length
will enable me to image in many cases an entire nebula without the need for creating mosaics (stitching together multiple images)

Skywatcher 200P Р200mm / 1000MM f/5 imaging Newtonian.

This is slighty longer focal length scope which is used for smaller galaxy imaging but its primary use is planetary, lunar and “white light” solar imaging.


Skywatcher HEQ5 PRO Synscan German equatorial mount.

The HEQ5 boasts impressive weight capabilities coupled with very precise stepper motors, gearing and guiding comparability.
I have also upgraded the primary drive gears to a belt drive from Rowan Astronomy and Hypertuned by Darkframe Optics.

Cameras and imaging:

Full Spectrum Modified Canon 600D Camera

This is currently my main imaging camera for Deepsky objects as well as full disk solar and lunar images.
The camera has had both the filters removed and when possible all images are shot full spectrum.
When needed (for solar and lunar imaging) I have an IR blocking filter that be added

.QHY5L-II Mono Camera

When using my primary setup, this camera will be attached to my guide scope and used as my guide camera. Using specialist guiding software attached to the laptop to enable longer exposure times with trailing.

ZWO AS224mc Imaging Camera

This I have only just purchased to replace an ZWO ASI120MC-S as my primary lunar and planetary imaging camera. This being a lot more sensitive than the ASI120 and is going to open up a few further projects.
The camera its self has a lot smaller sensor than a traditional DSLR making for a smaller field of view. this will also double up to image smaller targets.