New dedicated website and a massive update incoming.

Well its been far too long but the weather and further equipment issues have meant very little in the way of updates until now.

First I would like to welcome everyone to the new dedicated website.
It became clear to me after speaking to various people that this site deserved its own space, this has been an ongoing plan for a few weeks that has only just managed to get put into action. Over the coming weeks there may well be a few changes but the core is now up and running again.

The last few weeks have been very hit an miss in regards to weather but also in regards to my guiding. I have been experiencing some very strange guide graphs and could not figure out what was going on. After getting a polemaster (more on this later) I should have been getting better guide graphs compared to before with my less than optimal alignment. Over the space of a few evenings thing went further and further down hill. After a lot of investigation and stripping the mount down I ended up sending it off to be repaired and hypertuned by Darkframe optics. All being well I should have the mount back over the next week or so ready to image with the new camera and modified scope (more updates to follow).

I will be posting more about the polemaster, new camera and the modifications over the coming days along with a few images I did manage to acquire before sending it off.

Details Lunar mosaic test

Format Image

The other night for the first time in ages we had decent enough weather for me to get out with the scope again.
After uploading to normal social media sites it was clear that the standard upload really did not show the detail within the image and I stated looking for a solution, this is the first test of that solution.

This is a a Lunar mosaic comprised of around 20 sections and using a total of 10,000 frames.

final stitch

First images with new camera

Over the last week or so I have got my hands on a second hand ASI120MC-S.
Designed for the sole purpose of producing solar, lunar and planetary images.

So far I have not had the best of seeing conditions but very happy with the initial images.

Guiding setup – First Look

Tonight I have come home from work to find a number of parcels had arrived.
Amongst them was one from the fantastic folks over at modern astronomy.

The contents contained a number of items including just about everything to get my guiding system up and running.
I decided on this setup to keep weight down to a minimum and after reading a number of good articles on how well it performs when compared to large setups such as an ST80 it was a no brainer.

The three main components consist of a 9×50 guide scope, a camera adaptor and the camera
Over the coming days I intend to install all the software and get this guide setup put together ready for everything else ready to arrive at the end of the week.

A new adventure begins

Welcome to what at present is the beginning of a new site and what I am hoping will be the start and continuation of adventures that I will be documenting and sharing here.

Please be patent as I begin to populate the site and adding content

September 27/ 28, 2015 Blood Moon Eclipse
September 27/ 28, 2015 Blood Moon Eclipse