Dyfiastro EAA and live streaming project

Ok so this is a pretty big update and the start of what I am hoping will be an ongoing project.

The weather here has been worse than normal over the last few months and there has been a number of sessions that have failed before they even really got started.
Getting clear nights where I can obtain hours of good clean data is becoming more and more rare. There is the possibility of being able to image over multiple nights however, I have actually seen whole targets come and go between sessions now. Imaging in the way I currently do means I am going at times months without getting a decent session in (three good sessions in total since the start of the year).

I have been looking at what I can do in between that means I am still imaging and able to get the scope out during the more brief periods of clear sky.
Whilst doing some searching and research on a new camera that I was looking at I came across a possible solution, EAA (Electronic Assisted Astronomy).
The new camera I purchased for planetary and lunar imaging also doubles up very well for this, And this is where I am currently at.

I will be starting a new project as I venture into EAA and have spent the last week setting the equipment and software up so that I am able to live stream sessions as well.
Please subscribe to my yourube channel (here) and facebook page (here) for details and live streams.

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