Massive update

The first big bit of news is Dyfi Astro now its own Observatory, The Cantrer Gwaelod Observatory.

If you are interested in knowing more about the name as well as the myths and legend surrounding it then take a look here.
This marks somewhat of a milestone and something that will be somewhat of an evolutionary process of the next 12 months or so.
One of the main issues I have had until now is having to setup and breakdown each night and all the issues that go along with it.
The longest part about getting setup now is letting the scope cool down enough, this will being aided soon with the addition of a fan attachment to the scope.  The build from start to finish took a week, there was however a few bits of prep work done before hand to make that possible.

The scope and mount now sits on a custom built concrete pier which has made a major difference compared to what I had before.
The whole system is now connected to a dedicated computer and can be controlled locally from within the observatory or remotely from anywhere with an internet connection.  Imaging from here has been a massive boost and has spurred me on to experiment and try new things knowing I can be setup within minutes and image through short periods of clear sky.  Everything took a little time to setup and dialled in how I wanted, The end result is a system that is a lot more capable and should serve well going forward.

The first images from the new setup proved to be interesting and these last few months there has been a few more “firsts” mainly due to having a permanent setup.
Until this point I had never attempted to Photograph a Comet, just after building the Observatory I got a chance to photograph two, Comet C/2015 V2 (Johnson) and Comet 41P/Tuttle-Giacobini-Kresak.

With the summer months here the lack of a dark sky meant I had a chance to try a few things out and test a few things before the cold dark nights come back.
The scope is now fully guided but I have now taken full advantage of Platesolving and took the time to build a decent alignment map.
After helping a mate out setting up his Ha Solar scope for imaging he kindly donated some solar film. This was another first for me and something that really has come into its own these last few weeks.

Whilst setting everything up and getting things tested it has given me a chance to try a few short sessions. Not having a dark sky has limited me on what I can do in regards Deep sky imaging but I have still managed to get a few short test sessions in.
My 600D has now also been turned completly full spectrum and I intend making the most of the extra signal over the coming months. One thig I have noticed this summer is the difference in noise at higher temperatures, this is something I intend addressing for next year.
There are a few things on the cards and I promise to keep you posted more often. Below are a few other shots that have been taken during a number of sessions so far.

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