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Having got everything back and setup, last week I finally got around to trying everything out.

The mount is a massive improvement, dave at darkframe has done a superb job and I am over the moon with the results so far.
There is still a  little bit of fine tuning needed to my guiding setup but  this will be dialled in over the next few sessions.

The modified cannon needed a little bit of further work following on from inital tests. After trying everything out I found a fair amount of dust and I had no idea where it came from.
After stripping the camera back down it turned out that the Baader filter was the culprit and after trying multiple times to get this clean I eventually found that there was a number of imperfections in the filter and did away with it.

The scope is performing a lot better now as well, there does seem to be a marked increase in contrast compared to standard. I am currently working on fine tuning the collimation and currently have the scope stripped again as the focuser still seemed a little off. This will be put back together again over the coming days and tested again, I feel a sense of collimation OCD coming on however I am determined to tune the scope as far as possible.

I also had a few days off last week that coincided with a few clear nights. Getting everything out and field tested hightlighted a few small issues but over all I have been very pleased indeed with how everything turned out.

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