New Camera DIY

Well the camera that I purchased arrived yesterday after a delay due to the weather.
My intension from the start with this camera was to modify it for astrophotography. There are a number of ways that this can be done but they all have their plus and minus points.
I wanted to still retain the ability to focus at infinity with lenses as well as with a telescope which meant either going down the clear filter route or using the Baader filter which would also act as a UV/IR filter. Due to the cost of a dedicated UV/IR filter along with a clear filter I went with the Baader as this does two jobs at once but is not a full spectrum modification like the clear filter version.

I set about stripping the camera down which actually is not as hard as you would think as long as you take your time.  As with anything like this I would advise anyone doing this uses some kind of Antistatic mat and wrist strap. As you can see in the corner of the photo there is a sheet with all the screws put into sections and held down with tape, this makes life a lot easier when you come to put it back together and also prevents loosing any if knocked.

After replacing the required filter and allowing the glue to dry I then put everything back together. At this stage I began initial testing to make sure everything was working and due to the design of the sensor on the 600D I also have had to make sure that the sensor is aligned and flat.
The first test proved that everything was working however I could not get infinity focus, for telescope only use this would not be a problem but I wanted to use standard or adapted lenses as well. I have since stripped the camera down again and adjusted the float screws slightly on the sensor and retested it. At this stage everything is working and looks to be aligned, I am now also able to focus at infinity.
For testing I used a standard 50mm f1/8 that I borrowed.

The final test is going to be a star test, close inspection is required of the centre and all four corners making sure that there is no tilt in the sensor.
I will post an update once I get a chance to do the final test. For anyone looking for more information on doing this please get in touch or take a look here.


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