Laptops and Night vision

I got a cheap secondhand laptop a few weeks back that I could dedicated to telescope control and imaging.

One thing I had forgot to get when ordering a few things was a red screen for viewing the laptop at night.
I began looking around to see if there was another solution without having to re-order for such a small item.

I came across a very nice free peace of software by the name of f.lux (website and download here).

f.lux setup running in night mode
f.lux setup running in night mode

f.lux changed the screen according to the time of day to make viewing during the evening an at night less stressful on the eyes.
It quickly become apparent that it could also be used to go one step further.
Once installed I enabled to extended function which  requires a system restart but this then allows for the Kelvin to set a lot lower than default.
Setting this down to its lowest setting and reducing the brightness of the screen gave a very pleasing result.

A few people have tested this over the last few days and are very happy with it. If you are using a laptop for control but currently do not use a red screen this may be something that you may want to take a look at. If you have calibrated your screen this may not be the solution for you as it will change the screen depending on the time of day, however for a dedicated or non calibrated screen its a better way of viewing at night. I have only used the windows version but there are also versions for Mac, Linux and Android as well.

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