Andromeda M31 And Soul Nebula (IC1848)

I finally got a clear night.
Andromeda must be one of the fist targets that most new astrophotographers go for. However due to when I started this was the first time I was able to see it from my location.
IC1848 was not one that I have even looked at before, I came across this whlist looking for other targets to try during the evening and knew that I would pose a challenge due to its brightness.

I am really happy with my First M31 and I am sure I will be revisitng this in the winter for a longer period. IC1848 I one of those targets I am going to have to spend a LOT more time on to get the best from it.

Details Lunar mosaic test

Format Image

The other night for the first time in ages we had decent enough weather for me to get out with the scope again.
After uploading to normal social media sites it was clear that the standard upload really did not show the detail within the image and I stated looking for a solution, this is the first test of that solution.

This is a a Lunar mosaic comprised of around 20 sections and using a total of 10,000 frames.

final stitch