First lunar and planetary images

With the sky not really being dark enough for Deep sky imaging I thought I would take the opportunity to try out lunar and planetary imaging for the first time with this setup.
I managed to get another xbox live vision camera and removed the lens housing to expose the sensor. This was then attached to an old film canister to make a nose adaptor for the telescope.

My first target was  the moon. For this I used the camera without a barlow and attached it direct to the scope.
I took a quick look at the size of the image and decided to go for a complete mosaic, this was using 6 panels in total and 500 frames per panel.
Once all the panels had been completed I stacked them as individual panels and then brought them together in Microsoft ICE.

The second target I decided to have a go at was Jupiter.
This was taken using a 2x Celestron barlow. The imaging conditions happened to be less than ideal and seeing was terrible.
I managed to grab 500 frames in between clouds to make up the final image.
Seeing jupitor and its moons for the first time really was something special, I can that I am going to spend a lot more time on this.
first jupitorI am very happy with these images for a first attempt using the new setupand looking to get a better camera to aid in this type of imaging.