M81 and M82 (Bode and Cigar Galaxies)

Well last night I got my first image from the new setup.
After fine tuning a few settings I managed to get the guiding setup to a point where I was happy to start imaging for the first time.
There are a few bits to look at further and there is still room for improvement with my polar alignment.

The tool that I can honestly say is an absolute must have is the Bahtinov mask. this made focusing a lot easier. the idea being that once the centre spike is central then you are in focus.

Once I was in focus I set about dialing in the best exposure for the conditions.
The final image was taken using 24x180s exposures at ISO800, 8x Darks, 10x Flast and 10 Bias Frames.

M81 and M82 - Bode and Cigar Galaxies
M81 and M82 – Bode and Cigar Galaxies