Teething troubles and some DIY

Over the last week or so I have been taking another good look at the setup.
It started by taking another good look at my collimation. after using a combination of a home made eye piece from an old film canister and a Cheshire collimator I thought I had it pretty good. After coming across a video I was given an idea that would make life a whole lot easier.
I set about building a camera from an old webcam to make a camera that would aid in collimation.
After a little work I managed to get everything setup and managed to fine tune and tweak the collimation a little more than I could ever have done by eye.

I have been forced to take another look at my guiding setup and and think I may have found solutions to a lot of the issues that I have been faced with in my first few sessions.  Although I can see north, my eye sight is not 100% and the polar scope is very hard for me to see through.
I have set my self on using drift aligning to get a good alignment (better than I ever would by eye anyway).
My first few nights have been somewhat interesting. I had major issues at the start with calibration and then further issues with my drift alignment.
DSCF7551I got everything setup and seeing my first set of graphs I knew there was a problem. This I have since found to be a combination of things that I have set about putting right. Some are equipment related and some have been user related.
The graph and guiding really was all over the place, some of this I have put down to a combination of flex in my guide scope setup, some in various issues with my mount (Periodic error and backlash) and I have since found a lot also to do with the way that I am going about it.
One of the first things that I have done is strip the mount down and make take any play out of the worm gears and adjust everything.
This was not as bad as I thought but was worth doing to make sure nothing had moved during transit.
The next thing was address any possible flexure that I may have been having with my guide scope setup. This is something that I had been told about from the very beginning and though it was a good time to rectify the any possible issues that this may have been contributing to my problems.  A decent set of guide scope rings are not cheap and something I refused to pay that amount of money for.
I set about finding an alternative and came across a setup that looked to tick all the boxes. The setup involved a little DIY but has cost 1/10th of what it would have cost for a guide ring setup.

I am looking forward to getting out the next time and seeing just what a difference everything is going to make.
Going forward I am also going to be looking a better finder scope. the one that comes with the scope is fine but again due to my eye sight and using a full GEM trying to look through it can be taxing when the scope is in a number of positions